How To Wear Oversized Flannel Curvy?

A fun and comfy approach to add some excitement to your look is to do so by donning an oversized flannel. It may be worn buttoned up, totally open, or layered over other pieces; the styling options are virtually limitless!

How do you wear flannel with jeans and a shirt?

Wrap it around your waist and tie it. This is ideal for giving your typical ″jeans and a t-shirt″ wardrobe a splash of color, which is especially helpful when you are dressing for school or running errands around town. The nicest thing about this getup is that if you get cold, all you have to do is untie the flannel and put it on as a lightweight jacket.

How to carry oversize clothes?

Additionally, if you are already wearing an oversized top, you should avoid wearing trousers with broad legs. Even while such trousers could make you seem taller, they will give the impression that you are overweight since they hide all of your natural curves. Carrying big apparel in the most attractive way always involves pairing it with tight pants or leggings and a wide shirt.

How do you style a big flannel without looking homeless?

The following are five strategies to avoid appearing destitute while wearing your favorite large flannel: 1. You may wear it as a long as it covers the areas that shouldn’t be discussed! It would look best with knee-high boots, which would provide more covering.

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