How To Cut Out Doll Flannel Fabric?

To cut the fabric for doll outfits, you may either use a tiny rotary cutter and a cutting mat, or you can use the tried-and-true method of pinning the fabric and cutting it with scissors. Freezer paper, which you can press onto your fabric before cutting it, is one of my go-to materials for certain projects.

How to make felt dolls?

Instructions for making felt dolls are as follows: 1) Start by making a basic outline of the object you wish to use as your felt doll.2) Apply the heat-n-bond lite to the cloth piece by fusing it according to the directions that come with the product.3) Place the felt doll piece on top of the felt with the right sides facing out and iron and fuse them together.4) For added protection, use your sewing machine to stitch all the way around the item.

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