Where Does The Southern Flannel Moth Catepillar Live?

Caterpillars of the Southern Flannel Moth are prevalent across the United States and may be found most frequently on the East Coast in states ranging from New Jersey to Florida. Their range extends from north to south. In addition, they may be discovered as far to the west as Texas and Arkansas, and as far to the south as Mexico and some portions of Central America.

Are there flannel moths in Missouri?

The majority of flannel moth species in the United States are confined to either the arid southwest or the far southeast (especially Florida). It would appear that there are three species that have a good chance of being found in Missouri: Adults of the Southern flannel moth, also known as Megalopyge opercularis, have a golden yellow coloration that fades to a lighter beige toward the back.

Where do caterpillars live in the US?

It may be found in the extreme southeastern region of Virginia all the way down to Florida, as well as in the rest of the southern United States, Mexico, and parts of Central America. Because of the poisonous spines on its back, the caterpillar is considered to be a hazardous kind of bug.

What are the prolegs of a moth caterpillar?

The fleshy, peg-like legs that run along the abdominal segments are called prolegs (that is, behind the pointy, jointed thoracic legs at the front of the caterpillar). Caterpillars of the flannel moth have seven pairs of prolegs, while caterpillars of all other butterflies and moths have five pairs or fewer of these appendages.

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