When Making Rag Quilt With Jean And Flannel Do You Need To Add Batting?

The unique ragged edges that are characteristic of rag quilts are one of the reasons why these types of quilts are so popular. Flannel rag quilts do not require batting. When a rag quilt is quilted, the batting that is used in the quilt gives it depth and loft. Within each block, a design is formed as a result of the quilting stitches.

It is possible to use quilting cottons as batting, but the resulting frays won’t be as dense and plush as those generated by flannel.In rag quilts, some quilters choose to use cotton batting with a low loft.Using that approach requires more time, and quilting is required in order to preserve the integrity of the fibers.For instructions on how to utilize cotton batting in a rag quilt, turn to page 4.

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