What Does Flannel Mouth Blakes Hard Cider Taste Like?

Product description. The apples used to make Blake’s Flannel Mouth come from the late harvest season and include both eating and baking varieties. This delicious mix lends it a flavor that is both sweet and wonderfully smooth as it comes to an end.

What does Blake’s hard cider taste like?

Aroma of apples, both sweet and dry, and oranges, dry. Dry apple and dry orange are the predominant flavors. Spritzy. Very dry.

Is Blake’s hard cider sweet?

There is a good amount of fruitiness in this cider. The flavors of cherries, strawberries, tropical fruit, and jam may be found in the fruit notes. The whole fruit had a pleasing balance of sweet and sour flavors across it all.

Is Blakes hard cider carbonated?

The finished product has a naturally sweet fruit flavor (there’s Apple Lite Cider, Mimosa, Strawberry Kiwi, and Melon in addition to Melon), but it finishes dry. It has a bright and bubbly flavor, making it an excellent beverage choice for the summertime.

How many calories are in flannel mouth cider?

Blakes Hard Cider Co

Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 12 fl oz
How many calories are in Flannel Mouth Classic Hard Apple Cider? Amount of calories in Flannel Mouth Classic Hard Apple Cider: Calories 170 Calories from Fat 0 (0%)
% Daily Value *

How much sugar is in Blake’s hard cider?

There are 100 calories in a bottle of Blake’s Hard Cider Co. cider. 0g Sugar. 4g Carbs.

Where is Blake’s hard cider from?

The state of Michigan is where we got our start, but we couldn’t in good conscience deny the rest of the United States of our multi-award winning hard cider, so if we are not currently in your state, keep an eye out for us in the near future.

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Is Blake’s blueberry lemonade cider gluten free?

The gluten-free, apple cider base lemonades with 6.5 percent alcohol by volume are hand-crafted on the farm owned by the Blake family. They are produced with fresh lemon juice and an infusion of genuine fruit. According to representatives from Blake’s, the beverage has one-third less sugar than other brands that are equivalent.

Does Blake’s hard cider expire?

How long does a bottle of hard cider stay fresh? The shelf life of Blake’s Hard Cider is one year from production, with the exception of Fido, which has a shelf life of nine months after production.

Does Blake’s hard cider contain sulfites?

Warnings: Contains sulfites and sorbate. Alcohol content is 6.5 percent by volume.

Is cider a healthy drink?

Polyphenols are found in apple cider.Polyphenols are chemicals found in plants that have antioxidant properties.They can assist the body in its battle against free radicals and the harm they do to cells, therefore reducing the likelihood that you will develop certain forms of cancer, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease.

  • In addition to this, polyphenols help reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Is Blakes flannel mouth gluten free?

100% natural, and free of gluten. Apples that were cultivated in their own backyard were used to make this product. At Blake’s Hard Cider Co., they like to add a little kick to everything.

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