How To Store Flannel Fabric In Shallow Drawers?

When it comes to keeping the fabric from stretching, starch is your best friend, because flannel is renowned for stretching and distorting when the cloth is not treated properly.After prewashing the garment, eliminate wrinkles by spraying starch on the reverse side of the fabric or nap and ironing on the lowest setting possible.When stitching and working with the flannel fabric, this will also help keep the cloth from stretching.

How do you Line Drawers with tarnish resistant fabric?

Before lining the drawers with the tarnish-resistant cloth, the fabric should be ironed carefully on a low setting; the cloth should be protected from the heat of the iron by being covered with a towel. This is only essential if the fabric is wrinkled, as it will prevent the cloth from lying flat in the drawer otherwise.

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