How To Make Flannel Look Vintage?

The vintage effect may be achieved by using sandpaper, washing soda, salt, and bleach in combination with a newly purchased flannel that is still in its packaging and appears to be too modern. (via Cait Barker) 5. No-Sew Cape: If you’d rather work with a flannel sheet than a shirt, you can attempt this technique that repurposes bedding into a cute cape.

How can I Make my Clothes look vintage and worn?

Use a razor blade to cut small nicks into the hem or collar of a t-shirt, or into the waistband, cuffs, or knees of a pair of pants, to give the appearance that the garments have been used and have a vintage quality. If you rip or tear an article of clothing, washing it as normal will help smooth out the edges and make it appear more natural.

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