How Do I Find Where Someone Bought Me A No Name Boxed Set Of Flannel Pajamas?

  1. You will need a few information of that person’s Amazon account in order to authenticate yourself if the item was bought for you by another Amazon customer and came from that customer’s account.
  2. They would be the person’s entire name as it appears on their Amazon account, as well as their billing address and any connected email addresses or phone numbers with the Amazon account (used on the account).

How do I find the name of a package sent to me?

They will only be able to tell you the city where the package was sent from, but you can find out more information by going to the USPS website and entering the tracking number there. Unless the recipient of the box expressly ordered a pickup of that parcel and that pickup was entered in, you will not be able to obtain their actual physical address or identity.

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